7 Factors to consider when choosing the Best Location for your Apartment

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Why Location Matters?

As discussed in one of our previous blogs, when we want to buy our dream home or apartment, location is perhaps the most significant factor to consider.Needless to say, it is also true for renting an apartment. A suitable location is of such paramount importance because unlike many other factors, it cannot be altered easily. Even after you buy or rent your apartment, you may change the interior setups, but it is quite impossible to shift your residence frequently to settle down for the most suitable location.

Although every individual might have different preferences when choosing the location for their home, there are a few factors that you must consider. Here at Ratul Properties Ltd., we have specially selected some of the best apartments which are located in the most convenient and secured locations. When choosing the location our team of experts scrutinizes every detail and associated factor to offer you the best services. You can read about some of these factors which we believe are crucial when searching for the best location for your apartment.

  1. Safety

Safety and Security should be our topmost priority when you are looking to buy or rent your apartment. Be it the safety of the locality where you are planning to buy or rent your apartment or be it the security measures present at the apartment complex itself; you must ensure these before choosing your location. After all, one of the primary reasons why we seek accommodation is to ensure the safetyof our families.

That is why you must choose a location where you can feel safe and secured. The peace of mind that comes with the feeling of living in a safe place in a secured apartment is the key factor for the best location for your home. Safety and security can be earned through the presence of a police station in the locality or even a security check post nearby. The apartment itself can also have CCTV cameras and security guards to guarantee the security of the residents. It is even better if your desired apartment is situated in a gated community. One of the finest examples of such megaprojects is the Rupayan City Uttara Project.

  1. Affordability

The next factor that no one can overlook is the affordability of the location where you want to live. This is not limited to the price of the apartment itself, but the total area plays a part in determining the affordability. Similar apartments in terms of size and amenities have different prices whether you want to buy or rent it based on their location. At the same time, grocery items, public transports, etc. can also have varying costsor rates depending on the location.

Apartments in certain locations are more expensive because of the prestige or luxury values. This is evident in areas like Baridhara Diplomatic Zone or Gulshan. For first-time home buyers, Uttara, Lalmatia, Muhammad Pur, Banasree, etc. are popular choices in terms of location because of their affordability. On the other hand, businessmen, repeat buyers, or investors prefer Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Baridhara, etc. when buying their apartments.

  1. Neighborhood

Good neighbors are as important as our relatives. In times of need, on special occasions, we have our neighbors beside us. That is why the neighborhood can greatly influence our satisfaction. Isolated and unwelcoming neighbors can affect our social lives. Although it is a matter of personal choice, it is important that we choose our neighbors according to our lifestyles, preferences, culture, or practices. A doctor would be happy to have a doctor as his or her neighbor, similarly, someone who loves gardening would love to move to a location where his or her neighbors would support him or even join him in such activities.

On the other hand, factors that can have an adverse effect on the neighborhood should be taken into consideration. Places, where the noise level is high due to it being situated near a busy road or a street market, might not be liked by some people. On the other hand, such a neighborhood might be preferable to someone who enjoys living in a lively location. To sum up, every neighborhood has a unique characterization, so you should look for a location where the neighborhood best suits your and your family’s lifestyle and likings.

  1. Social Amenities and Conveniences

One of the factors that we all check when buying or renting an apartment is the nearby amenities. It is more convenient if the essential amenities are within proximity. Every parent desire to provide their children with the best education, thus a location where there are reputed schools ispreferable. Similarly, an apartment located near to your workplace is easily a plus point for you. Other necessary institutes or facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, grocery shops, convenience stores, etc. should also be nearby to the apartment you wish to live in.

Additionally, conveniences like religious institutes, parks, recreational places should also be easily accessible. A location can turn to best from better if it has the emergency service centers situated within a close range. This can include police stations, fire stations are emergency health care, or ambulance services.

  1. Connectivity

The location that you are choosing for your apartment must have an adequate transportation network. It is unlikely that we would have all the amenities at a close range from our home. In such cases, you should be aware of the availability of public transportation in your area. You should also know about all the public transport routes to and from your home. A wide road infront of the apartment can help to avoid traffic congestions near your home.This is crucial as your address should be easily accessible especially during emergencies or special occasions like national holidays. A well-connected location that is well known to all is much for favorable than an isolated area.

  1. Plot Location

The actual plot location of your apartment is a fundamental aspect for you to think about. There are many apartments in Gulshan but why some of them are more attractive can be explained because of the plot where it is situated. South facing apartment is a popular choice for buyers as in Bangladesh, an apartment with such orientation ensures adequate ventilation and light throughout the years.

Not all apartment complex in the same location has the same value. If the plot is adjacent to a busy road, it might not be ideal to reside due to noise and air pollution. On the other hand, houses that are located nearby lakes or parks are much more appealing to buyers and renters alike.

  1. Future Developments

The Real Estate market is one of the ever-flourishing industries in Bangladesh. A lot of locations have the future potential for appreciation in the near future. Places like Diabari and Prbachal are such examples. Although it is not wise for renters to rent an apartment in such locations but if you want to buy your apartment such places should be your top priority. We can see that many localities in Dhaka are undergoing tremendous development works with better infrastructures, connectivities, and facilities. The property values of such places hike within a short time which is beneficial for investors and homeowners.

To Conclude

It is obvious that location plays a vital role so you can evaluate these factors and identify the best location for your dream home. Needless to say, althoughlocation is a driving factor, it is not the only aspect for consideration. We have discussed the other important points that need to be looked into before buying your house in our previous blog posts.

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